Special Order Quilts

Every quilt is potentially SPECIAL! because quilts are generally made with love FOR or ABOUT someone SPECIAL!


T-SHIRT QUILTS: Age of recipient, and size of quilt may determine the design of a t-shirt quilt. 14 or 15 inch squares are typical. Sashing may or may not be wanted. There are lots of choices about colors and size. A “throw size” of 3 t-shirt blocks wide by 4 t-shirt blocks high may average around $300 for me to cut, sew, interface the t-shirt blocks and quilt. Tax, batting, and backing will be additional. This might get you started in your thinking. Call me.

MEMORY QUILTS: I can use fabrics from your deceased loved one’s wardrobe. If you like, we can choose some articles of clothing (preferably cotton) or linens together for me to cut and piece into a design. The star quilt in the Gallery is a memory quilt in honor of the mother of my neighbor. These are very meaningful quilts, and may take up to 40 hours, at $12 per hour, of my time to create. Generations to come will enjoy them.


Memory Quilt - Edge-to-Edge Quilting


NEW BABY: Because baby quilts often don’t last very long, people don’t want to spend too much on them. Can’t say I blame you. However, for a special baptism or an heirloom quality quilt that will be preserved over the years, $200 is not an unreasonable investment. Hopefully, this is a starting
place for our discussion. Call me.

GRADUATE: We all love quilts for “comfort” -- think about the graduate going away from home, taking something of you with them!

BRIDE: Heirloom, history, lots of love invested in your top, in her favorite colors.

WIFE: $750 to $1500 -- Beautiful quilts for someone who has blessed your life! From art quilt designs to traditional piecework.See the Gallery for ideas. Or call me.

County Scene Special Order Quilt

Contact me today to request your special order quilt.