Nashville Longarm Quilting Services provides professional quilt appraisals of antique and vintage quilts.

I cannot appraise quilts I have made, but I can appraise quilts you have purchased or inherited.

I have studied quilt appraising, and I adhere to the standards of the American Quilter’s Society.

Because I am working toward my certification as a Quilt Appraiser, my rate is lower than most other appraisers, at only $25 per written appraisal report.

This report can only be used by the person who requests and pays for the report. It cannot be passed on to anyone who purchases your quilt, or receives it as a donation.

Why do I need to have my quilts appraised?

Generally there are three reasons for getting your quilts appraised:

  1. For insurance purposes, particularly for a replacement cost if something happened to your quilt. Check with your insurance company; some of them will only accept appraisals from Certified Quilt Appraisers, which I will be in a couple of years, but I am not today.
  2. For having a value to use for tax write-offs when you donate a quilt to a charitable organization, for example, for fundraising.
  3. For determining a Fair Market Value when you are wanting to sell your quilt.

Please call if you have questions about the appraisal process, or more about factors in determining the value of your quilt.